--sash.raè-- (sash_rae14) wrote,

the bad guys lie to get in your bed and the good guys lie to get in your heart

Here with my lover Becca =))
Yupp -- be jealous!

funfest = hottnes-- yes thats right, being 5 feet away from Josh Turner! In your faces =))

& now on to more important things --
im crazy about him -- im talkin whooohooo bonkers coo-coo seing lil hearts & talking to myself crazy about him, diving to the telephone every time it rings =))
He makes me laugh, makes me smile, and makes me wanna strangle him all at the same time! I absolutley love it !


Your messages make me smile.
You know those stupid messages where you threaten to murder me for not picking up my phone
Those stupid messages where you inform me of "the plan" when you don't even know if I'm available
Those stupid messages where if you listen closely you can hear your friend yell at me in the background
Those stupid messages where you inform me that I have ruined your night by not picking up the phone, when I know you're kidding.
Those stupid message
They make my bad nights better.
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