--sash.raè-- (sash_rae14) wrote,

morgie went away to college =((     i miss her already.
volleyball is going great -- i love the team =))
school is as good as school can get-- everyday rockin out with Karla on the way home.
him -- hes the only boy that can make me smile while were fighting -- im crazy about him && you know what -- i wouldnt change it !

i believe in sleeping in.
I believe in giving 100% when you only have 80.
I believe in love, arguing,
&& jamming out by yourself in the car.
I believe in kisses on the forehead.
I believe in long kisses, smiling til your cheeks hurt,
&& laughing until you cry.
I believe in being silly && crazy with your friends.
I believe in taking chances && making mistakes.
I believe in having someone tell you that you're beautiful.
I believe in swinging on swings && running in the rain.
I believe in miracles && random acts of kindness.
I believe in saying hello to anyone && everyone.
I believe in second chances.
&& i believe that everyone deserves one
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