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*saturday -- went & got my hair done early, hit starbucks, then hit the beach for an hr. Then went to Annas & played in the hot tub for a little. Then came home, got dressed & went to an Italian restaurant.
*sunday -- swam all morning then left for wendys about 2 & got there at like 5 at Jacksonville. =))
*monday -- left at 5am. Gahh I hate that ride. Going through South Carolina is always a bitch * couple rest stops along the way. we got to norton about 430 that afternoon & ate at Shannons* Then came home.
BYE BYE FLORIDA =(( but it was nice to be home. Wendy spent the night with me. We went out, got milkshakes & rented DATE MOVIE.
*Tues -- Got up & made muffins. Then Morgie came over & me Her & wendy headed up to Monterreys. Then we went and saw the Breakup -- then to good old walmart =)) What fun -- cruising to all our fav songs =)) Then we headed back to my house. When i got there my Papa & Nancy were waiting on Wendy & they left for my Uncle Garys in Kingsport, they were leaving 5 am weds. Then Beccas Mom came and picked me up & I spent the night with Becca*
*Weds -- Me & Becca woke up & made breakfast. Then we gossiped about boys, played on the trampoline, played some Donkey Kong on the old Nintendo, & went for a 30 min hike in the woods & ate cherries of the cherry tree =)) Then later on at 11, we went over to Barbs to play rummy & watch Lifetime Movies.
& im spending the night with Becca Again * Haha French Fry & Bag of *W* -- Whaaa??? =)) LMAO

I dont know if you missed this last time, but check it out *
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